Our Approach

Our top priority is the continued success of your business. We support owners continued involvement in the business if desired. We are happy to structure transactions so that all parties benefit from continued revenue and profit growth.

We have experience in managing organizations through ownership changes. We value continuity of culture, stable employee relationships and strong community standing.

Our investment philosophy is operational in nature. We believe value is created by continuing those things that have made your business successful, while also integrating new programs that our experience has shown us frequently generate opportunity, including:

  • Strategic

    • Brand strategy and positioning
    • Adjacent revenue opportunities
    • Targeted add-ons
  • Financial

    • Capital structure optimization
    • Working capital management
    • Capital expenditures strategy
  • Core Revenue Growth

    • Customer targeting
    • Product development
    • Pricing and promotion
    • Assortment optimization
  • Cost Position Improvement

    • Sourcing and procurement
    • Supply chain management
    • SG&A spend